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Private Label Products

Pasante Healthcare manage private label projects throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Being part of the Karex group allows us to design and develop our own primary manufacturing apparatus such as glass formers, dipping and foiling machines and electronic testing equipment in-house, which means we have endless customisation abilities and can produce condoms to satisfy the changing needs of customers.

Assisting you with our expertise

Journey From Concept To Shelf

Endless possibilities

Private Label Condoms

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Range of Styles

Pasante offer a wide range of condom styles and sizes

Retail Packs

Retail ready boxes available in a range of sizes dependent on customer requirements.

Bulk (Foils only)

Condoms can be supplied in bulk, traditionally bags of 144 condoms but other quantities are available on request.

Clinic Boxes

Larger boxes designed for use in sexual health clinics.

Doy Bags

Alternative to Retail Packs

Custom Packaging

Got a specific packaging spec or new idea? We can develop that with you.


Private Label Lubricants

Our lubricants are formulated from high quality, paraben-free ingredients which last longer (this means the lubricant will stay wetter for longer). Being latex friendly means it will not degrade latex condoms either. The silky smooth texture creates a more sensual experience and because they’re non-staining we can promise increased fun and less mess!

Similar to our private label condoms, we have a variety of packaging options for our lubricants including pumps, sachets and tubes available in various sizes.

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Lube Packaging Options

Pump Bottles

100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml or 300ml in various styles.


50ml, 60ml,100ml or 120ml tubes.


3ml, 4ml, 5ml, 10ml can be supplied in bags or retail boxes.